Fully customized Website Appearance: Build your personal online website with your favourite. You have full control on your sales page, member opt-in page, banners and such! DeSOHO has all web applications built-in to make your design go live in seconds!
Sales Page: You can promote and sell your product or service with DeSOHO Paypal system integrated Sales Page. Input your product description, photos, and price to make your unique sales page up and running! With DeSOHO Marketing Pack, you will be entitled to UNLIMITED sales pages to sell your UNLIMITED products at your DeSOHO Online website.
Member Opt-in Page: Build your own customer database. You can promote your product or services update manually or automatically through DeSOHO Broadcast Marketing System.
Built-in additional income sources: Your online website is integrated with Google Adsense and ClickBank. Not only you can sell your own product, but also receive commissions whenever visitors click on any ads or purchase anything from ClickBank.

DeSOHO Broadcast Marketing System  
Subscription Fee $19.95/month
$243.40/year + 2 months free
Life-time Software Upgrade
Technical Support
Data Storage
Free Sub-Domain Name
Free Web Hosting
1 Web Page with Sales management system (You may add unlimited web pages)
Admin Control Panel
Help Desk - Help Files, 24/7 Support Ticket System
Website Features  
Banner Rotator
User Interface friendly Banner Creator and library
Top and Side Navigate Menu
Simple content editor to manage content, text, image, hyperlink, table
Personalize your sub-domain name and business name
Preloaded content on main page
Editable Sales Page and Member Opt-in Page
Paypal system Integration
Google Adsense and ClickBank Integration
Hosted by Dedicated Servers
Database Server Redundancy
Web Server Redundancy
Terms and Conditions
Products and Services
Web Basic
Marketing Pack
Broadcast Marketing System
eCommerce System
Account Access and Security
Member Login
Password Retrieval
Support Center
Support Articles
Contact Us